Tai Chi for Businesses & Employees

Many businesses worldwide now encourage the health & personal growth benefits of Tai Chi within the workplace.

Just one 30-minute session either on-line or at the workplace in a quiet room, or an outside area, your employees can experience hugely beneficial stress reduction and energy boosting exercises.

From a practical point of view, no equipment is necessary, just comfortable clothing and is inclusive for all regardless of age, size or current fitness level.





Qigong is an ancient Chinese exercise practice. Qi means energy or life force, the energy that powers our body and spirit. Gong means to work or cultivating skill, so you are working with the breath.

So by repeating slow, gentle and flowing movements you can open and stretch the joints and tendons relieving tension and increasing the flow of blood and energy.

Nourishing all parts of the body and massaging the internal organs.

It has a great effect on mind, body and spirit and improves general health and well-being and enhances the immune system. It is both stillness and moving meditation, reducing stress, improving balance, body awareness and alignment. It is calming both mentally and physically.

It is perfect as an exercise in it's own right or as a complement to your tai chi training.


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